*What is it about the hours between 3 and 5? I like my job (I’m serious. I really do like my job!) but even with stuff to do those last two hours just drag.

*I mentioned how The Last Kiss is completely heart-wrenching. So I’m coming down from the bad after taste of the movie as I’m scanning the channels last night. I stop on Nip/Tuck. Just as the married plastic surgeon is cheating on his pregnant wife! What the hell?! Insert psycho internal conflict:

-Oh my god he’s going to cheat on me.

-No he’s not. He loves you. He would never cheat on you.

-But what if he meets some perky brunette (ahhh die Rachel Bilson) and has an affair.

-He loves you


Cut to Michael reassuring me that, no, he would never cheat on me. He loves me. He will always love me.

I’m sticking to romantic comedies from now on.

*I have to go grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. The responsible part of me heads to the chicken, the vegetables and healthy cereal, stocking up for the week ahead.

The irresponsible part of me (the one that is still an 18-year old loose in the store for the first time…”I’m on my own! I can eat whatever I want!”) is eyeing the peanut butter cup ice cream and the Doritos. The thing is, I’m not 18 anymore. When I was 18 I could eat a huge bowl of pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese (mmmmmm), then turn around and eat half a pint of ice cream and never see a fluctuation in my weight.

Yeah. That’s not the case anymore. I guess I’ll be heading directly to the fruits and vegetables. Although let’s be honest, when Michael works late I sometimes still eat that big bowl of pasta. It’s so easy.


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