I am not a crazy dog person. I love my dog, but I don’t dress him up or carry him around with me all day. Especially since I would need a wheelbarrow to do so. But despite what people might say, he’s part of the family. My big furry baby.

I got home late last night and noticed Kodiak was licking his paw. It didn’t seem too unusual since he does that occasionally. I put him in his crate and went to bed.

This morning I went downstairs and just like every other morning, I went to let him out. Usually he’s up and wagging his tail and will run at me with kisses as soon as I open the crate. Today he was lying down and licking the paw. A lot. I practically had to drag him out of the crate.

I tried to look at his paw in between him nosing my hand out of the way so he could continue licking. I thought it might be his dewclaw, the nail on the side of the paw. It seemed long to me. Could he have caught it on something? Is it stabbing him? My poor dog!

I went upstairs and woke up Michael. The two of us spent the next 15 minutes in our pajamas on the kitchen floor trying to figure out what was wrong. Michael trimmed his nails and we hoped that would fix the problem.

I felt awful. We had failed as parents. We didn’t keep up on dog maintenance and now he was hurt. He had big sad eyes and my heart ached. We didn’t take care of our dog! What about when we’re parents? Are we going to forget something with our babies?

I spent the next 15 minutes petting him and brushing him and telling him he was a good boy. Then he went outside with Michael and from the way he was running around and fetching his ball, it seemed we had fixed the problem. I felt so relieved.

So maybe I am a little crazy about my dog.