So as it turned out, Christmas was wonderful. Everything that I was stressed about was put on the back burner. Time with my family, fun gifts, great wine and yummy food made the holiday special.

And last night Michael and I decided to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. New pants and jeans for him. New boots for me. YAY! The perfect boots I had been eyeing but couldn’t rationalize buying during gift-giving season. And now they were on sale for $70 less. I couldn’t pass them by this time.
The only problem is…I’m really out of space.

That’s not even all of them!

For the remainder of my vacation I am focusing on kicking the cold I’ve developed and celebrating New Years Eve/my birthday with some great friends. Boobeski is coming tomorrow and my oldest friend (literally since we were infants) is coming Sunday.
Looks like it will be a happy new year!