Know what’s funny? Having your picture end up on a band’s website. The band that was playing at the bar this past weekend. Moving on…

My friend is getting married in May and has asked me to sing during her sand ceremony. When I told my family this they were surprised. Actually, I think the exact words were, “Really? You? Why did she ask you to sing?” Not quite the encouraging words I was hoping for.

The truth is, I can sing. Not like my sister who is incredible, but pretty well. But my family has never really heard me sing, so I guess I can’t really blame them for the lack of support. They’ve heard me a little in the car or around the house, but never singing singing. I guess I just didn’t see the point. My sister is the singer in the family and I’m the dancer. We fell into those roles and made them our own. So while my sister is still a great dancer, she knows it’s more my thing.

I sang an a cappella solo during Greek Week my senior year. At first I refused, but Elle and my sisters convinced me that I was good enough to do it. When the day came I was so nervous. I barely remember it happening…all I remember is that Michael was standing in the back of the room and I stared at the exit sign above his head the whole time. It wasn’t until afterwards when I watched the video that I realized, huh, I’m not too bad.

When my friend asked me to sing at her wedding I was shocked, but flattered. At first I wavered, but knowing that it meant enough to her to ask, I accepted. That was a couple months ago and the wedding seemed far enough away not to freak out.

I just realized the wedding is in exactly three months. That is not far away. At all.

It’s a short folk song that she picked out and the sand ceremony only lasts what, a couple minutes? I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll. Be. Fine.

No one will be looking at me anyway. Right?

I hope the room has an exit sign.