– To the person that continually comes to my blog by typing “my sister’s big boobs” into Google, please stop. The only reason you keep finding me is because I’ve written about boobs and my sister in separate posts and Google just links it together. Your almost weekly search actually disturbs me and my site is definitely not what you’re looking for. If you really insist on visiting, bookmark me already! 

– Why do men feel the need to wear short shorts to the gym? OK yes, you’re in shape and are obviously a runner. But the shorts? Really? Yesterday they were not only short, but they were spandex. Come on, man, it’s 6 a.m.! It’s way too early to see your business shrink wrapped and on display. Actually, there’s really no good time to see that.

– DSW is having a 30 percent off sale. Be still my heart.

PS- Do you like the new shoe addition to the sidebar? It’s dedicated to Alissa, since the idea came from her request for visual aids to go with the descriptions.