Although I originally planned on doing my workout update, it seems silly to be posting about exercising not even 24 hours after the awful tragedy at Virginia Tech. As a country I think we’ve become almost immune to the images we see on the television. With war, death and destruction flashed before our eyes every day we almost need to be in order to cope.

But the news of yesterday’s shooting hit me like a ton of bricks, making me thankful that I was alone in my office. Because I cried. There’s only been two other times I can remember actually crying from the news: 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. 9/11 happened just nine days into my freshman year at college and as we grieved as a nation, we also grieved on a much smaller level. We grieved as a college community, still children away from home for the first time. We felt safe in those dorms on the grounds of our campus.

The students of Virginia Tech may never feel safe again. I cannot begin to imagine the fear they felt yesterday and the pain and sorrow they are feeling today. My heart goes out to each and every one of them and the families of the victims.