The warm weather has left me thinking about when I worked at the daycare. Believe it or not, it’s actually made me miss some things about it. Some things. Such as:

  • playing outside all day. All. Day.
  • back rubs from fellow staff. Actually, I could really use one today. Stacey, feel like driving to Connecticut?
  • the ever-present smell of sunscreen.
  • popsicles for snack almost daily.
  • playing in the sand.

Of course, there are also things I really don’t miss. Like,

  • playing outside all day. There’s only so much you can do on a playground for hours and hours.
  • the ever-present smell of dirty diapers.
  • popsicles for snack almost daily. Do you know how difficult it is to clean melted popsicles of the hands and mouths of 18 toddlers?
  • playing in the sand. Sand in shoes, sand in diapers, sand in eyes, sand in mouths, sand stuck to popsicle residue…

I really do miss those back rubs, though.