– Today is my one year anniversary at my job. I don’t know what I was expecting to feel, but not surprisingly it is much like any other day. I did get a free lunch out of it, though. Even though I don’t feel any different, I think the me of a year ago would be impressed with the me of today. Past me would never have guessed I’d be writing as much as I do, let alone be published, or that I would have become a blogger. Past me never knew all of you were out there. (Shout-out to my Internet Best Friends, I heart you.) Current me is pretty darn happy.

This is for the ladies, sorry guys.

– The first thing I want to do at the end of the day is rip off my bra. I know most of you will agree, because I know from a certain past post that I have a very busty readership! Bras? Suck. The problem is if you want a really comfy one, they’re ginormous. And ginromous is NOT SEXY. I’m all about comfort, but I’m still a young woman with a cute boyfriend and I will absolutely forgo 18-hour comfort if the bra looks like two paper plates.

Which is why you will be singing my praises after trying on this bra. I was shocked to discover this no-wire demi not only supports, but is still sexy. And it comes in so many pretty colors. Still don’t believe me? Michael very much approved. And boys can only judge on appearance. So trust me, the whole package is good.

Victoria, I’ll take five or six freebees for my promotional services. Thank you.


Ok, so it won’t make you look like Alessandra Abrosio, but see? It’s cute!