I am not at work today because after stepping off the elliptical this morning, I felt…well the best way to describe it is not right. I didn’t feel right. I went over to the mat to stretch and decided the best thing to do was to lie on my back and compose myself. After a few minutes I felt a little better so I headed over to the weights. But that was short lived…because the not right feeling was not going away. Blah.

So I’m home today, hoping that I’m not getting sick, because honestly, who wants to be sick in May? My guess is that the fried ravioli appetizer I had last night (yes, thighs, I hear you. Stop yelling at me.) was not the best thing to eat. Either that or the chicken caesar salad was bad, but I refuse to believe that. It was just too yummy.

I will not be updating the shoes on the sidebar today because I am not wearing shoes. Just slippers. And there will be no pictures of bare feet on my blog ever. I did purchase two lovely pairs this weekend so you can expect them to make an appearance in the coming days.

Also, His Mother left a message yesterday saying that she tried to call me but the number said it was out of service. As it turned out, when giving her my number Michael substituted a 3 for a 4 by accident. (An honest mistake when he calls me by hitting speed dial 1 on his phone. Honestly, how many numbers do you know by heart anymore?) She made it quite clear in her message that she didn’t think the mix up was an accident. Great.

So now I know she’s really going to call. I was hoping it wasn’t going to happen but apparently I cannot avoide her forever. FUN.