Gah I’ve been so boring lately. Wah, wah, wah, my boyfriend’s mommy doesn’t like me. Wah, wah, wah. Sorry, guys. Thanks for sticking by me. But since my life this past week as been consumed by that topic, my brain is pretty blank. Want some random dribble? OK.

– Is it possible that Rory Gilmore is going to get engaged before me? I mean, isn’t she just 22, just graduating from Yale? Doesn’t she want to go out into the world and make a name for herself while writing for a well-known paper? Isn’t Logan slightly unstable and wouldn’t the engagement mean she has to move all the way across the country to L.A. and leave Stars Hollow behind? And really? Getting engaged before me? Rory Gilmore? 

(Also, how is it that Paris is 30 in real life and Lane is 34? Thirty-four!)

– I made up for not eating much this week with homemade chicken pot pie for dinner last night. I also had some for lunch today. I believe my stomach has now forgiven my nerves for going on strike.

– Remember the giant monsoon of a storm we had a few weeks ago? You know, the one where the East coast got slammed, leaving a trail of flooded basements, down trees and power outages? I found a really cool picture of the beach near our house. Look how high the ocean is. Freaky, huh? Looks like a tsunami. Yikes!