If you don’t have a dog currently, or have never had a dog, or are just not a dog person (hi Elle!), you might not find this story funny. But to me, it’s very funny…and shows just how smart these furry things can be.

puppy tongue

Below you will see a picture of one of our living room couches, adorned nicely with some throw pillows, including the cute red ones Boobeski made for me. (Yes, she made them. Talent, I know!) You will also notice Kodiak sitting on the floor, giving the impression that he is a well behaved, good boy who is not the least bit sneaky.

Now some background: Kodiak is not allowed on the couch. He knows this and when we’re home he is always on the floor. It never even crossed our minds that when we weren’t home, it would be a different story.

One day Michael left for work but realized he forgot something. When he came back in the house he noticed Kodiak was not in any of his usual spots. He rounded the corner and there he was, lying on the left side of the couch with his head resting on the arm rest. Flabbergasted, Michael yelled, “Kodiak! No!” He was met with a withering stare that could only mean “What’s the problem? I lie here every day!”

After some thought we decided that there wasn’t much we could do about it. And since it’s a leather couch, we’ve never had any problems keeping it clean. Kodiak is smart about it though. He always jumps down before we come in the house. But we know he’s been there because of a warm cushion and throw pillows knocked haphazardly onto the floor. Every time we see the pillows on the rug we bring him over to them and say “No!” in the hopes that one day he’ll get it.

wasn’t me

Turns out he’s a lot smarter than we thought. I came home from work the other day and Michael asked me why I had propped the red throw pillow up against the wall. I hadn’t. Why would I? He said he assumed I had since it was placed so neatly and gently, as if I moved it while straightening and forgotten to put it back.


Nope. Wasn’t me. Kodiak finally realized that pillows thrown on the floor are evidence. And when there’s evidence he gets yelled at. So he did what any smart “child” would do. He made it look like Mom did it.

He also only moved the one throw pillow that was in the way of his coveted left side spot. Tricky, tricky.


“Wasn’t me, guys. See? I’m cute.”