It’s only Wednesday and I am already feeling overwhelmed. Work has gotten very busy as we are entering the high season and I have been scrambling to get stuff done, all while being held up because the stuff I need isn’t being supplied to me on time. Anyone who knows me will tell you that if there’s one thing I’m anal about, it’s being on time. I hate being late. I arrived to both my first and second interview for this job a half hour early. Just in case. My boss actually saw me arrive but waited until the scheduled appointment time to greet me because I was so freaking early. It’s just the way I am.

But I can deal with that because I have control over it. Being early only inconveniences me. The problem is when I’m waiting on other people. When they’re late it makes my blood boil and stresses me out. I can’t help it. Needless to say, waiting for something I was supposed to have on Friday only made me angry. Especially when I get it on Wednesday afternoon. Anyway, moving on.

Tonight I am looking forward to relaxing and letting the stress from work melt away. Michael is off today and tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier. This past rotation had him working till 10 every night for the last four days. I don’t mind the time alone sometimes, but when it gets to be every night I get lonely. Especially since Kodiak would much rather play in the yard then spend the evening inside. I’m actually looking forward to cooking dinner because I’ll have someone to share it with and I can’t wait to just curl up on the couch and watch TV. It will be nice to spend more than an hour with him before falling asleep.

Now I have to run. Immediately. Did I mention I was swamped? I am. Ridiculously swamped. Bye!