When Michael and I first started seeing each other we went on a date to Newport. I remember that night perfectly, from the dinner we shared overlooking the water to the walk through the Salve Regina campus.

It was early April and warmer than usual. That night the air was so thick with fog it almost felt like you could part it with your hand. We stood on the cliffs over the ocean, listening to the waves crash and watching the fog light up with lightening in the distance. That night is burned into my memory for many reasons, but mainly because it was the night I realized I loved him.

Last night we jumped in the car with the dog, already in our pajamas, and drove to Friendly’s for a Fribble. It was late and Main Street was quiet. Just like that night five years ago, the fog was heavy and thick. The street lamps cast orange globes of light into the sky and everything felt peaceful.

Later, as we drove by the ocean, quietly drinking our Fribbles, I thought back to that night in Newport and smiled.

When life gets busy and stressful, I am thankful for the vision of that night because it serves as a reminder of how wonderful life really is.

And how much I love him.