– Apparently there are no Friendly’s in Texas and because of that, you cannot get a Fribble. Poor Crystall had no idea what I was talking about yesterday.

– Building things is really not my forte. When I got home last night Michael was out in the yard constructing new gates for the fence that circles the yard. He had no choice but to do it since Kodiak finally succeeded in weakening a section of the fence enough (by jumping up on it and barking at who knows what across the river) that it could be tipped over. Luckily it was Michael who discovered this and not the dog.

He had finished making the gates and now needed my help attaching them to the fence. Easier said than done. The gates did not line up correctly with the existing fence because of warping or something. Whatever the reason, it took us nearly an hour and half to get it in place. It definitely tried my patience. I was just about ready to turn around and chuck the whole thing in the river behind me when Michael turned to me and said, “Patience, please. PLEASE. I need your help with this and need. you. to. be patient.”

He had a beer after that. I wonder if I tried his patience.

– There is no point in fighting with my hair on days like this. Humidity plus my head equal frizz. End of story. I am currently rocking the curly halo. It’s cute. Really.