Let’s talk about hair. Specifically, my hair and what it is doing this week. Because this week? Has been humid. Very humid. Two days ago I was running late and didn’t have the time to blow dry and straighten, so I figured I would just let it air dry and pray that my waves looked nice.

They didn’t. So up in a ponytail it went. This morning I prepared to do my hair again and was faced with this: 

big hair

There’s probably a small child hidden in there somewhere, along with one of Kodiak’s toys and maybe a snack for later. My hair? Is big. And those pieces on the upper right? Are frizzy. Michael actually thinks it looks pretty, but he’s not the one that has to wrangle it into something I can actually leave the house with. Thank goodness for headbands.

Moving on…

Last night we attended our friend’s graduation from the fire academy. After everyone had arrived we noticed that nearly a third of the auditorium was filled with his friends. It was so nice to see everyone, especially friends who just over a week ago had their second baby.

After the ceremony I was playing with their 21-month old son. He’d stick out his leg for me to tickle, then laugh and laugh, then do it again. He was so adorable that my ovaries were jumping up and down singing “weeee!!!” until I told them to  be quiet, because no. Not now. (Incidentally, they are punishing me today with cramps. Owwwww.)

While wonderful, it was so strange to see this couple as parents of two children. The same couple we’d spend hours with laughing, drinking and being carefree. As they chased one son around the auditorium and held the other tiny peanut of a baby in their arms, I felt one of those defining grown-up moments.