Last night my office attended a banquet at Foxwoods. This was my second one and I couldn’t help but to enjoy the open bar and great food. This banquet was better than last year’s because this time around I actually knew people. Last year I had been on the job for almost a month and knew no one.

But last night was fun. All the food stations had miniature servings that while cute (and delicious–macaroni and cheese with lobster and truffles!) were deceiving. You brain definitely thinks you can eat more when everything is tiny.

But perhaps my favorite part of the night was bonding with fellow coworkers over some of the really weird things.

Cowboy hats. On a man and woman couple. In Connecticut. At a banquet. And the woman, who had hair down to her butt and was wearing an outfit comprised completely of shades of lilac, had a matching lilac scrunchy and cowboy hat. Lilac Cowboy Hat. Matching scrunchy. Wow.

Before the dinner there was a presentation in which two men accepted gifts. The first man handed over his gift to the other and then shook hands. After the handshake, one man pulled the other in for a typical man hug, you know, the one arm pat on the back kind. The pull-er was obviously into it, but the pull-y? Not so much. It was brief…and then it was time for the pull-y to present the pull-er with his gift.

One would think that a handshake would be sufficient for accepting this gift, but no! The pull-er was at it again! This time the pull-y was obviously thinking, “dude! Seriously?” but because he was in front of such a large group he had to go in for the hug. Awkward man hug #2, as he was most definitely not digging it.

The three of us that were sitting together, perhaps a little light headed from our drink on an empty stomach, found this hilarious.

Good times.