There are three dresses hanging in the front of my closet. Each one was bought specifically to wear to the wedding. The wedding that in 28 hours from now I will be singing at. Yikes!

Each dress that I bought had issues. The first one is so cute (green and white) but in the end, too casual. The second fits me perfectly, accents my figure and is sleeveless, but not strapless, so finding a bra was not an issue. The problem is that while the top part is black, the skirt part is white. Even after talking to the bride about it (who gave me a thumbs up), I didn’t feel comfortable wearing that much white to the wedding if I wasn’t the bride.

So, dress number three. Which is the perfect little black dress. With the perfect little black (patent leather, open-toe, slingback) shoes. I feel beautiful in it. I am hoping the feeling will carry over and give me the confidence I need when I’m singing in front of 220 people.

I will also be wearing waterproof mascara, because I’m sure I will tear up as they say their vows, both happy for them and picturing the day I will be saying them to Michael.

Have a wonderful long weekend…I’ll post pictures on Tuesday!