The wedding was beautiful. The church was sweltering, but I completely forgot how hot I was as the bride and groom began their vows. Even the non-criers in the crowd were blinking back tears and when Michael reached out and squeezed my hand, I knew it had hit him too.

I don’t really remember much about the singing. It was almost an out of body experience  because my heart was pounding and before I knew it the song was over. But, I got lots of compliments so I guess it went well.

And now, picture time! Yay! Here’s the first dance. I have never seen her look as happy or as beautiful as she did that day. They are so cute!

When we got to the reception, we all decided to take a lot of “before” pictures. Before we were all tipsy and sweaty from dancing. It was probably a good idea.

Me and Michael before:

Little Black Dress ladies and the bride:


Blue drinks…

…make blue tongues.

Me and Michael After:

Definitely time to call it a night!