Saturday afternoon, Michael called me out into the yard. He had set up the hammock and wanted me to test it out.

I plan to spend my entire summer in that hammock.

There was a warm, gentle breeze and I spent the remainder of the afternoon lazily swaying back and forth as I read a book. Even the dog enjoyed it, because he’s a big people dog and could lie right under me.

I was just about to drift off to sleep when I heard the neighborhood church bells ring out five times. Five o’clock. Time to get up.

I got ready and headed back to work. On Friday we had hosted a twice-annual press tour and it was time for the farewell dinner. Which meant amazing food. (Remember last year’s menu?) I think this meal was even better.

Michael and I both climbed in the hammock on Sunday, and as much as I longed to stay there, I had made plans to see Knocked Up. Go see it, it’s funny. When I got home the temperature had dropped, so I curled up on the couch with season one of Gilmore Girls (now that it’s over I have to own them all…only four more seasons to buy!) and enjoyed the rest of my weekend.

Today it’s raining, but you can bet that on the next sunny day you’ll be able to find me swaying gently in the breeze as I doze on the wonderful hammock.

I love summer.