I have to admit something. I think my taste in music is going way down hill. I have XM in my car and as I flip from channel to channel I find myself stopping on songs that if they came up in conversation, I’d probably mock them. If only to save face.

But I can’t lie to you guys. So here it is, the list of songs I sadly find myself singing along to while hundreds of other XM channels play perfectly good music:

Umbrella– Rhianna. The first time I heard it I was in the car with my boss and said, “what the hell is this?” He guessed Nelly Furtado. I guessed Rhianna (and was right) but thought it was just awful. Until now. I’m such a traitor to…myself?

U + Ur Hand-Pink. Just the fact that it’s spelled the way it is makes me nauseous to admit that I’m singing right along with her pseudo-bad girl lyrics.

Hey There Delilah– Plain White T’s. “A thousand miles seems pretty far/But they’ve got planes and trains and cars.” Sigh…so poetic.

OK, I’ve admitted that despite my outward appearance, I am really 15 years old. So now it’s your turn. Step up and admit it.

What’s on your bad song list?