In my daily quest for cute shoes, I often come across some duds. Usually it’s just a bad pattern, an awkward heel height or an uncomfortable strap. But sometimes…sometimes it’s almost too painful to look. And I can’t help but wonder, what were these designers thinking???

These gems aren’t even high-end designers made for runway. These are everyday, buy them at the store, shoes. Gah!

Dear Betsey Johnson, if I wanted to wear a wine cork on my feet, I could do it for the price of a good vino. $92 for these? No thank you.

Proof that even Kenneth Cole makes mistakes. Some very major mistakes. It reminds me of an ace bandage on crack:

It’s a sneaker! It’s a bandaid! It’s spaghetti! It’s….oh man, it’s just God awful:

Um…zebra? Beetlejuice?

What happens when you add a strap to a kayak:

What Minnie Mouse wore when she went bad. The brand is called Pleaser USA. Enough said:

And my personal favorite. Ahoy, matey!