My boss recently welcomed the arrival of his second child, a totally adorable, absolutely squishable baby girl. The great part is baby! is here! The not-so-great part is that since she was 10 days early, we hadn’t completely prepared for his departure.

Needless to say, work as been more than a little busy. Doing the work for both of us has made me appreciate his job a lot more. There’s so much to do! I’ve got a pretty good handle on it, but as to be expected, there’s been a couple wrenches thrown into my day. One being the unexpected arrival of a writer from Finland who wanted to talk about a story RIGHT NOW. I managed to convince him to tour the museum for an hour until I was ready to sit down with him, but it caused me to rush around a lot.

And huh. I just realized I didn’t eat lunch yet. Great.

So long story short (or not so short, I guess), it’s been a busy week. But tonight it all gets pushed aside. Tonight Jen and I are buying our plane tickets for three fantastic days in Vegas. Visions of lying poolside with a big, frosty drink in my hand, followed by nights of dancing are getting me through the week.

Vegas countdown: one month!