I was tagged by Crystall to write seven random things about myself. Alright, let’s see…

1. When I was 13 I broke my big toe playing ball in the house with my cousin. (See, Mom was right. No playing ball in the house!) I lunged to catch the ball and my foot got caught in the tassels of the throw rug, causing me to fall forward and my toe to stay where it was. OW. It turned purple and swelled up the day before I had to go to someone’s Bat Mitzvah, so I couldn’t wear my pretty shoes. I had to wear flip flops. The agony. Today I have a light ridge in the toenail that never goes away. I blame my cousin.

2. I have very vivid dreams. I can usually recall exactly what happened and some from years ago still stand out in my mind. The strangest (and scariest) one happened in college. I dreamt I was in my car and someone was trying to get in and attack me. I remember banging on the car window for help…it was then that Michael woke me up because I was pounding my fist on the wall. Weird.

3. One summer my camp took us on a trip to Six Flags. We were let loose in the park, the only requirement being that we return to meet the group at a certain time. Twenty minutes before we had to go back, the “cool guy” in the group suggested we all ride the new rollercoaster. The responsible, always on time side of me freaked, but the 15-year old girl in me wanted to be cool. We all stood in line forever and finally took our ride. When we got off the ride we were 20 minutes late and still had to make it across the park. On the run back we came up with a plan…tell the chaperones that the ride got stuck. We couldn’t possibly make it back in time if we were stuck in the air!

The girls in the group even threw in a few tears. We so got away with it and it solidified my place in the cool group.

3. Last night I learned a very valuable lesson: do not go bathing suit shopping during period week. You will be bloated and feel fat and looking at your reflection illuminated by florescent lights will not be good for your self-esteem. Not really a random thing about myself, but a lesson well learned.

4. I can’t sleep in pajama bottoms. Shorts, pants, socks…forget it. Everything tangles up in the sheets and I get hot and can’t sleep.

5. In elementary school I wrote a poem about winter. It was featured in the newspaper. I think my mom still has a dozen copies of it somewhere.

6. I could eat grilled cheese every day. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s true. It’s the perfect snack…toasted, buttery bread and melted cheese. Mmmm.

7. In middle school I had a black and white poster of Kermit the Frog wearing jeans. You could see the elastic of his underwear and it said “Kermit Klein”. Cool, I know.