(Just so you know, “Umbrella” is playing right now. I’m hooked, I can’t help it.)

Hi, weekend. How are you? I’m so very happy you’re here. This week has been a long one and the thought of going to the beach, partying with friends in Newport and sleeping in the next two days has been the only thing keeping me going. Well, that and soy chai lattes.

Some of the highlights?

  • I spoke with a writer from Finland who had the worst breath ever. AND he was a close-talker. Every time I leaned back to avoid the smell he would lean in closer. A vicious circle, I tell you. It’s very hard to hold your breath and talk at the same time.
  • I gave a presentation to a group of interns who were funny and very attentive. Especially one guy who found my chest much more interesting than the topic of PR.
  • My boss, the self-proclaimed Vegas King, has yet to give me any pointers for a great trip. (Advice and recommendations welcome by all!) Apparently, being home with a new baby is much more important than helping me. Fine, I see where his priorities are.
  • Kodiak rolled in/rubbed against/got sprayed by something skunky. It’s only in one little patch, but it is slightly oily and STINKS.
  • The stitching gave way on my favorite pair of black capris. Now it’s one leg capri, one leg pedal pusher. Hot.
  • We’ve put off grocery shopping as long as possible. We are officially down to lemonade, three yogurts and Worcestershire sauce.

Weekend, work your magic.