Because I got such a positive response last time I wrote about this (and requests for more!), I give you the World’s Worst Shoes part deux.

The actual shoe isn’t awful, it would actually look sort of cute as a flat. BUT, it is not flat. Oh no, it has a heel. And I’m completely perplexed by this heel. Can someone please explain to me how I’m supposed to walk with a giant suction cup attached to my foot?


Five words: Rodger Rabbit or a clown. You pick.


Why? Why, oh why did Roberto Cavalli think that turning a saddle into a shoe would be a good idea. And $735? For that?! I think Italians must know where to get some good drugs.


Dear Mom and Dad, today at summer camp I made a Native American Dreamcatcher in the arts and crafts shed. My counselor said it was looking a little boring, so I added some yarn from the scrap bucket. I hope you like it!


You know those woven plastic/rubbery lawn chairs that you accidentally leave outside all year, causing their shiny whiteness to turn gray? I turned mine into a shoe for you.


Hurt your foot? No problem! It’s a shoe and an ankle brace in one!


Oh…so that’s what happened to my oven mitt!


It’s like sticking your foot in the arm rest of grandma’s couch.