Remember when I talked about the bad music that I can’t help but love? Well, it extends to TV, too. Most recently, I’ve been completely hooked on Hidden Palms, the nighttime soap that started a few months ago.

The show centers on a group of teenagers living the luxurious and privileged lifestyle in Palm Springs. Johnny, the main character, is fresh out of rehab after the death of his father (suicide) and is struggling with staying sober, adjusting to his new home and his mother’s new marriage.

He learns from his neighbor Cliff, a smooth talker with a decidedly dark side, that the boy who previously lived in Johnny’s room, Eddie, took his own life. After Johnny gets wrapped up in the pretty girl in town (Greta) and the mystery behind Eddie’s death, he finds he has to figure out what really happened. Murder, mystery, betrayal and sex. This show has got it all.

Did I mention it’s on the CW and targeted to, oh, I don’t know, 16-year olds? And that it’s so bad that at even though it started in April, at the end of last night’s episode they announced that next week is the series’ finale?

Yeah. Bad. Yet so good. Although Michael wouldn’t agree. So bewildered that I was voluntarily watching something so bad, he went outside and did yard work. In the dark.

So now it’s your turn. You’ve admitted your musical sins, now cough it up for TV.

What’s the worst show you’re watching right now that you can’t help but love?