Last night Jen and I met up for dinner and drinks. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered the Dragon Bowl. A bowl of mystery liquid with two gigantic straws. It is heaven.

It is also potent. 

Note to self: don’t go to Marshalls after drinking a Dragon Bowl. You will buy a purse. Moving on…

I made the mistake of going to Starbucks this morning. On a Friday. In the summer. In the tourist town that I work in. On the first day of a huge event we’re hosting. Twenty minutes at Starbucks. Insanity!

However, it was worth it. Because now I have my grande soy, no water chai and it’s Friday. Yay Friday! This weekend I plan on going to the beach and sleeping. Maybe even sleeping while at the beach.

And also, despite the ridiculous humidity, my hair decided to look nice today. A little curl cream and it was good to go. Thank you, hair gods.


A crappy up the nose cell phone picture to prove that really! Hair behaving! Yay! (Also, am not in bad mood…was concentrating on picture and forgot to smile.)

Happy Weekend!