We’re officially in the single digits. With Vegas right around the corner, I’ve taken note of the piles and lists that have accumulated over the past month. So here you go, Vegas preparation by the numbers:

Number of outfits bought: 5

Number returned: 1 (because, really, what was I thinking?)

Gallons of tea drank in substitution of work snacks: 28

Number of pee breaks: countless

Bags of frozen strawberries consumed: 3

Pounds lost: 5.5

Current pairs of shoes coming for the four day trip: 5

Pitchers of sangria shared while planning: 3

Number of purchases made after drinking sangria: 1

And now a question for all the ladies. (Really guys, I’m going to talk about my period now. You might want to come back tomorrow.)

I’m supposed to start my period on the second day of the trip. I’m really not too excited about that and was considering skipping it by starting my next pack of pills on Sunday. Has anyone ever done this? I hear it’s OK, but have always been too nervous to actually try. Is there spotting? Cramping? Nothing? Tell me what you know.

Guys, if you kept reading…good for you. Real men aren’t scared by periods.