I can’t think of a better way to start my morning than finding out that the lovely Kate has named me a Rockin’ Blogger. Thanks, hunnie!

It’s really hard for me to narrow down a few choice bloggers to pass this award on to. There are so many I enjoy reading and I seriously think you all rock. So in lieu of a real post (because I have serious Vegas-brain right now), I will attempt to name a few who I feel are very deserving of this award.

And the Bloggy goes to:

Mike– for his honesty and willingness to share with the world the heartache of losing a sibling within days of gaining a daughter.

Anna– for the touching story of having her baby at 36-weeks.

Laurie– for her revolting, yet hilarious tale of a bathroom mishap.

And Spring– because she called me her shoeru and I think that’s awesome.