You know what sucks about being a woman? Mood swings. Specifically, mood swings the week before your period. I think part of it stems from the fact that I’ve been trying really, REALLY hard to eat well in preparation of Vegas and it just so happens that this time every month all I want it a chocolate covered doughnut followed by a bag of crunchy Cheetos. Gross? Yes. But oh so satisfying.

Well, I didn’t have the doughnut. And I certainly haven’t had any Cheetos. Nope. I’ve had yogurt. And blueberries. And…yeah.

Michael took the day off yesterday and I was so happy to have him home with me. We had a really nice afternoon of walking with the dog and going to Starbucks, but come 4 o’clock my mood had severely shifted.

I was cranky. And weepy. And everything he did annoyed me so much that all I wanted was for him to “GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE!” Which of course he wouldn’t…because he knows that this side of me pops up once a month. And he thinks it’s funny to wrestle me until he’s got me pinned and then try and stick his fingers in my nose and ears. Boys.

After an hour of this (and one good no-reason cry while I made dinner), I was normal again. Hormones…what the hell?

Another reason I was cranky was that the gray sky threatened rain all day. And rain would mean no fireworks. I LOVE fireworks. There’s something about a band blasting patriotic music while the entire town gathers to watch the sky light up that really moves me. And I wanted my fireworks, damn it!

As per tradition, Jen came over and as the rain started to fall, the three of donned our rain jackets and umbrellas and started to walk to the center of town. As we walked, the rain got heavier and heavier and by the time we arrived we had to huddle under a tree to avoid becoming completely drenched.

Soon after we arrived, an announcement was made saying they were waiting for a window of opportunity to start the show. It took 45 minutes for that window to appear. Forty-five minutes of squishy flip-flops, damp pants and wet faces for the sky to clear and a spectacular fireworks display to start.

I stood in the middle of the field, stray raindrops sliding down my cheeks and felt like a little kid as light and color exploded over my head. It was perfect.

Turned out to be a nice Fourth of July after all.

Update: OK, I caved. I’m sharing a brownie with my boss. SHARING!