Today’s post is written by my boss, Mike. Without his cool factor, I would not be posting daily.

The Working Molly

So, by now you know Molly is in Vegas.

What? You didn’t know? Have you been living under a rock? I thought everyone knew Molly was in Vegas. Heck, I’ve been hearing about it for, oh, I don’t know, let’s just say “a while.”

And, if we know that Molly is in Vegas, then I know she’s not here. Meaning, she’s not at work.

Yup, I’m Molly’s boss. I’m Mike – not too be confused with Michael. You know, the Michael.

You can normally find me here. But today, I’m here – filling in for your favorite shoeru (whatever that is) while she’s lounging around the pool in Vegas.

Molly recently named me a Rockin’ Blogger. So, in order to live up to that esteemed position, I felt I had but no choice to accept her invitation of being a guest blogger while she’s on vacation. By the way, did you know she went to Vegas?

Ok, so where do I start? I guess she asked me to sit in for a day in order to give you an idea of what the working Molly is like.

I wish I knew.

Kidding. Jeez. Settle down. I’m kidding. Well, maybe not.

No, the thing is, Molly does work. She works on her blog. She works on her Vegas plans. Among other things.

But, as her boss, it really doesn’t matter to me, because, somehow, in the middle of those important things she does during the day, she also does the things I ask her to do. After all, I am her boss, right?

All of you regular readers know Molly posts pretty regularly – nearly every day. That’ll continue, I’m sure, as long as she keeps getting her work done. If you see that she is no longer posting so frequently, good chance it’s because she hasn’t been getting her work done! 🙂

When I learned she had a blog, it was no big deal to me that she post (and, um, ok, read blogs) during the work day. Just get the work done, I told her. Then I really don’t care.

You also know she has a great style in her writing – and that’s the main reason I actually encouraged her to do this at work. She’s got to write a lot for her work in our public relations office. And she’s got to edit the work of others and do some proofreading.

No better way at improving writing, in my opinion, than doing more and more of it. And, knowing that some of what we do is, well, boring, I didn’t want her to lose her style on my account. In fact, my hope is that some of that creativity will find its way into the day-to-day stuff she does for me.

So, I let her blog and read blogs – boss of the year, don’t you think?

I don’t really have any dirt for you. So if you were looking for a little of that, I can’t help.

One of my favorite Molly stories was her arrival time for her first and second interviews. I had her scheduled, I think, for 2:30 for her first interview. I got a call at 2 p.m. from someone telling me she was here.

Now, I’m as prompt as anyone, but 30 minutes ahead of time is a bit much, don’t you think? I thought so. But, I knew this was her first ‘real’ gig, so she had the benefit of the doubt. Nevertheless, I still made her wait.

I knew after the first interview that she would be a finalist. She didn’t have any experience in the field beyond college, but something told me she’d make it through to the final round.

She did. And, on the second interview, she did it again – 30 minutes early. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like saying, never be that early. Sit in the car in the parking lot. Go get a drink. Something! That’s ok, though. We laugh at it now – along with her cover letter, which you can read about here (if you haven’t already). Regardless of what she says, and what I said, it did help her get the job.

So what else can I tell you that you don’t already know?

  • She really does love shoes. A lot.
  • She really did go on “operation no food” or whatever she called it for Vegas.
  • Did I mention she’s going to Vegas?
  • She taught me how to text message.
  • She hates Blue October.
  • She knows more about Friends than any of the original cast members.
  • She drives a Honda Accord – and it’s blue.
  • She likes root beer.
  • Her favorite satellite radio channel is Flight 26.
  • Her first concert was Matchbox 20.

What else? I got nothin’. But if you have questions about the working Molly, just let me know. I’m happy to reveal more!

Hurry back, Molly. The work’s piling up.