Today’s guest post is written by my dear friend Danielle, a.k.a Dani California. 

Ode to a Girl Named Molly

It all started with a head hitting a mirror.

For those of you who know, or for those of you who do not know…Molly and I have known each other for quite some time. We met at the tender age of four, forced by our parents to have a sleepover when we had never met. It started off awful, not because of Molly, but because I had to actually clean my room! The only couple of things I remember are: watching “Romancing the Stone” (quite a vivid movie for two four-year-olds, anyway), Molly falling off the bed and hitting her head on my mirror and a friendship instantly being born.

From that point on, Molly and I spent so much time together. The two of us created so many different games to play that would occupy hours of our time. My favorite of course was “Teenagers”. We named ourselves Jaime Parker and Kelly McGreggor and had purses with “grown up” things like fake check books and credit cards. Then again, who can forget “Rocks and Sticks, Dirt and Flowers”, where we would stand at the end of my driveway, waving these items at cars. We thought they might stop and buy something! And last but not least, our radio shows. Oh yeah, we were cool. We would play “Heart and Soul” in different keys on the piano. I would always make Molly play for me because she was so good. She just had a knack. Funny enough, I took piano lessons from her piano teacher’s mom! Not our only similarity. Our dads knew each other from when they were about four also! Another funny similarity: One night when I was staying over her house, for bed I put on these tacky boxer shorts with martini glasses and sunglasses on them. She had the same pair. How, I do not know! It all came down to good taste!

I am getting side tracked, so moving on…I remember my first year of high school we basically talked everyday. I would gossip and talk about all the boys I had such crushes on and she in turn would do the same. My crush for most of that year was Dimistris Bochinis and Evan Sheedy (well, he was my crush for like years)! I remember Molly’s was Peter Yoon, but they were dating! So cute! Ah boys, so many, so little time.

Our friendship hit a cement wall after I finished 9th grade. I moved. I remember Molly came down to see me before school started and again on Halloween, that was our holiday. We spent it together for years. After that Halloween, we didn’t get to see each other much. I have mentioned this to her a few times, but will mention it here. It saddens me sometimes to think of all the things we missed out on. Getting driver’s licenses together, high school dating, parties, proms, and being total bitches to our moms! I know we did that in our respective states, but how much fun would that have been together?

Of course we get together when we can and as soon as we do it is ALWAYS like no time has passed. I do wish I could just pick up the phone and ask her to take a ride with me to Starbucks or go shoe shopping, but unfortunately our lives have not brought us in that direction. Ms. Molly is in RI and I am in LA (Los Angeles, not Louisiana). I know that one day I will move back to the East coast and be closer to her and get to see her more often, but until then, I can only do this…I love you more then just a friend. You know I always thought of you as the sister I never had. There are only a few people throughout my life who know the little quirks…what makes me laugh, what makes me cry and what has made me the person that I am today. I am thankful to say that you are one of those people. Thank you for always being you and never changing.

Funny things:

Molly washed my feet one time after we went walking in the dirt. Nobody touches my feet!

Molly was jealous when I was allowed to shave my legs and she wasn’t.

Strange twist: Molly was younger then me and could dye her hair, I couldn’t dye mine!

We use to buy containers of icing and dip Hershey’s chocolate into it!

Honk, Oh Honk…..HARK, a swan! (You just had to be there)!

The videotape from the 5th grade birthday.

When people were coming to view my house that was for sale, we told them it was infested in the hopes they wouldn’t buy it.

Misc. Things:

I had a “shrine” to Molly. (Not as bad as it sounds, I basically hung my favorite pictures of the two of us on my mirror).

Her “Dani California” blog made me cry.

We met at four, are now 25 and 24, and have never had a fought. To me, that ‘s a true friendship.