The final guest post is by my one and only. The man I love. My Michael.

The Little Things

A quick introduction, I am Molly’s boyfriend Michael. When Molly asked me to write something for her blog I had a hard time deciding on one thing that I would write about. We have been through a lot together, everything from major life accomplishments like graduation from college, to cancer in both of our families and the loss of my father.  After some thought, I decided that one of the things I love most about her and our relationship are the little things. Life is full of ups and downs and major events, but these things do not happen every day. For me, living life day to day with each other, sometimes doing nothing, is when the strength of our relationship shows.

I love the way we can be perfectly content just being lazy together, whether it is lying on the couch or hammock together or hanging out in the yard with the dog.

I love taking walks together. One of my fondest memories is one that both Molly and I share. We took a walk near the Cliff Walk and Salve Regina University in Newport one foggy night, hand in hand. It was so peaceful.

I love how we both know what the other is thinking without saying a thing.

There are so many other “little things” that define our relationship, but the best one is the way Molly makes every day better just by being with me. She is my best friend and I love her with my whole heart. (I know…sappy).

I am sure you are all looking forward to her return to writing on her blog!