While I was gone, I was tagged by Anna to write eight random facts about myself. But since I’ve done a whole bunch of these, I’ll tell you eight random facts about our Vegas trip.

1. We stayed at New York, New York, home to Coyote Ugly, a dueling piano bar and lots more. They convinced us upon check-in that for $10 more, we could upgrade to a room with a view of the Strip. Sold! Turns out what they really meant was for $10 more, we would get a view of the Strip, and also a 20-mile hike from the elevator to our room.

The casino also has a rollercoaster that I swore I would never get on. Heights = Hate. Both Val and Jen wanted to go, and not wanting to be the only one who stayed behind, I paid my $12.50 (!) and took a ride.

I’m never doing that again.


2. Remember how I joked about texting Clink with Vegas tips and updates? Remember how I said we weren’t that geeky and would probably only do it once? Um, yeah. We texted the whole vacation and she even let me know when she got there! But it ended up being a great idea. I made sure she brought comfortable walking shoes (because even with the Monorail, those casinos are HUGE), and she took my advice and hit up the Treasure Island buffet. Heaven and gluttony all on one plate.

3. Despite it being H-O-T in Vegas, it was not humid. And no humidity means no frizz! Whether it was straight or curly, our hair looked great. 

4. I knew it was going to be a good trip when we were checking our bags at the airport. The guy at the counter took one look at our four bags for three people (one huge one was entirely filled with toiletries, shoes and hair appliances. I’m not kidding.) and said “has Vegas been warned?”

5. We saw a real-life escort. A man, who had a striking resemblance to Milton from Office Space, was grinning ear to ear as a beautiful woman with a very expensive Chanel bag chatted him up over drinks. Eventually she left and he hovered around outside of the bar waiting for her. We took bets on when/if she would come back. She finally did…must not have been paid yet! Lucky for you, we managed to get a shot of them in the background of another picture.


6. We had two famous people sightings. One was A.J. from The Backstreet Boys. The other was Steve Schirripa, “Bobby” from The Sopranos.

7. There was a lot of drinking. One souvenir cup can buy you discounted drinks at a lot of places. My favorite were the banana daiquiris by the pool. There were also massive yard drinks that were knock you off your feet delicious.

8. As tired as I was when I got back, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.