I always find it really amusing to see what people Googled to get to my blog. I still get multiple searches for variations on the word “boobs”. In the last seven days there’s been some good ones, and one pretty nasty one that I refuse to post here. I’m not sure how someone searching for information on sexual positions using the backdoor region ended up here, but GO AWAY.  Maybe Google has a sick sense of humor, because half the time the searches represent nothing I’ve ever written about.

People searching for these phrases visited These Little Moments this week:

I peed myself at age 15-I’m sorry to hear that. But question, why are you Googling it? To see if other people are, in fact, peeing themselves at 15?

Who makes ace bandages-Um…isn’t it…Ace?

“I peed myself” bathroom-OK, seriously. I’ve never peed myself! I cannot help you!

Busty Miss Molly-See? Told you. Every. Single. Day.

Big Hair Fanny-Like, big hair on their fanny? Because…ew.

Get doo-doo smells out of clothes-Wash it? Throw it away? Seek help for having clothes that smell like doo-doo?

“I like to lose weight”-Hey! Me too! OMG we should totally be friends weeeee!

Cleavage enhancing liquid filled bathing-bathing suit, I’m assuming. And hunnie, you do not want liquid-filled anything in your bathing suit. They will float when you get in the pool!

Butt and white pants-OK, this one I understand. I feel your pain!

What are people searching to get to your blog?