I was tagged to write 10 things I like about myself. Apparently this is an exercise in positive thinking so I shouldn’t feel bad about tooting my own horn. So here we go…

1. I’m a loyal friend. I was never one of those girls who ditched her friends for her boyfriend. I always felt that female friendships are something to cherish and not take for granted. If my friends need me, I’m there. You may really love your significant other, but only a true girlfriend will tell you if your makeup looks slutty, your hair is frizzy or you shoes don’t go with your outfit. They are also the ones who understand lady parts because they have them. Who wants to screw up a relationship with someone who gets your period woes? Not me!

2. I’m a good writer. While I used to consider writing as just a hobby, it ended up becoming my major in college (journalism), propelling me head first into a job (publicist), introducing me to the world of blogging (hi!) and convincing someone to pay me to write about girly things (here! look!). I’ve also been published and have recently had some pretty cool people take notice of what I write. Not too bad for doing something you enjoy.

3. I love fiercely. I would put my life on the line for the people I hold closest to my heart. Yes, I am a sap–oozing girly, lovey, annoyingness all over the place–but it goes beyond that. Sometimes I look at Michael and my heart surges with love and it takes all I have not to grab him and spin him around in circles because weeeee! love! Especially since it’s often in public and then I would just look crazy.

4. I’m emotional. Now yes, this could be considered a negative thing, but I think it just means I care. I love hard (see above), but I also hurt hard. I cry at movies (and, cough, commercials), I hurt when my friends and family hurt. And when I get mad, I get mad. Maybe it’s my New York blood, but you don’t want to cross me. I also have very limited patience, but I guess that’s more for the 10 things about me you don’t want to find out about.

5. I’m a discount diva. I love to shop as much as the next girl, but I’m slightly frugal. No, not cheap. Frugal. Because of this, I have developed a knack for hunting down fabulous clothes and shoes for even more fabulous prices. Sure, it takes committing some serious time to digging through racks, but it’s worth it. French Connection tops, Kate Spade shoes, Juicy Couture sweaters…all for waaaay less than you paid. Haha, suckers.

6. I’m musically inclined. I started dancing when I was three, piano at five and violin at nine. I got rhythm, baby. I was one of the best in my dance school and rocked my piano recitals. I was pretty good at the violin too, but piano is my real love. Since moving away from home I haven’t had a piano at my disposal and I miss it a lot. Once we have a bigger house I’m buying one and playing it all the time.

7. The goods. What do I like about myself physically? My mouth is full and a color “women try to replicate with lipstick”, as my mom would say. My hair is shiny, my breasts are perky and I have fantastic eyebrows. In addition…

8. I have a great smile. Perfectly straight teeth (no braces!) and a big mouth make a winning grin. I always won the Best Smile awards in elementary school and summer camp. I’ve even had complete strangers stop me and tell me how nice it is.

9. I’m thoughtful. I like doing things that will make other people happy. When my friend started student teaching I sent her an unexpected card detailing how great she was going to be. She called me so happy because she had just gotten through a rough first week and had come home to my card. I dig through the shelves at the grocery store to find the yogurt covered raisins Michael likes and I sometimes bring my boss in a treat from Starbucks. It’s the little things that mean the most and I like to give that to people.

10. I have great shoes. I don’t have to say too much about this because, yeah, you know. I love everything about them–from searching through the store, trying them on, purchasing them and wearing them around. I get a weird sense of pride whenever someone looks at the rows and rows of shoe racks and tells me how great they are.

So, now that I’m done talking myself up…I tag ClinkMike, Anna and Sass.