This blogging thing is getting out of control. Today I got a message from Sasha saying she had a dream about partying with me and a bunch of other bloggers. Weird, because last night I had a blogging dream too.

I dreamt that Clink and I met up in my home town and decided to go cross-country skiing. Let it be known that I do not cross-country ski. Ever.

We got on our skis and were swishing through a blizzard, when we decided we really wanted to go shopping. So off we went on our skis…and purchased adorable matching ski caps which did not even give us hat hair.

Oh yeah, we were both also super skinny and hot. Obviously.

When I told the dream to Clink this morning, she snorted her water and said “when our powers of fabulousness combine, we are immune to calories and/or the elements.” I could not agree more.

I don’t know what’s in the water, but this blogging thing has apparently crossed into my subconscious. Maybe tonight I’ll be dreaming about you!