If I was single again, I think I would try online dating. Filling out a profile of likes and dislikes, finding that odd person that loves eating icing out of the container with a spoon just as much as you do? Sounds good to me.

I’ve always thought that there should be an online matching system for friendship. Much like online dating, you could find a friend who hates her thighs, loves bad TV and will reassure you that you’re hot even after you’ve eaten another burrito.

Well, I found her.

You know her as Clink, I know her as…my new friend. (What, you thought I’d actually tell her real name?) What started as a few random comments on each other’s blogs has progressed to a place where we’re buying the same dresses online and talking about inviting each other to our weddings.

It’s totally weird, but in a really awesome way. It’s like I custom ordered a friend. We find new similarities every day…from both dating ‘M’ boys, to wearing the same size clothes (sadly, we do not share a shoe size. This hurts me deeply.), to having annoyingly thin and beautiful sisters. But below the exterior things, I’ve found a friend that just gets me. A friend who desperately wanted to get engaged, but was rooting for me to be next if she wasn’t. Who even though we have never met, I already know she’s going to stick around. Probably forever.

We’re dorks, but we’re OK with it. Both in a blogging slump yesterday, we decided to write a joint love fest on our blogs…a tribute to this friendship. Like I said, dorks.

No, we haven’t met…but we will! Plans for a fall meeting are already in the works and both of us are excited/nervous/wanting to lose 10 pounds.

If you’re not reading her stuff, you should. She’s an amazing writer and even before we became friends she was one of the driving forces behind my blog. Her writing inspired me to be a better writer.

Oh yeah…be on the lookout for a picture of two girls with no heads wearing matching dresses.

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