Since moving into the house, our second bedroom as become a holding room for a whole bunch of stuff. Clothes to be donated, my childhood dollhouse, paintings my grandmother made, wires from college computers and TONS of comforters. When someone comes to stay I usually move everything into somewhat neat piles and explain that we just haven’t gotten around to this room yet.

This room also has a small closet, which I had claimed as my own. But seeing as how the closet is tiny and I have a TON of crap, it made more sense for me to take over the bigger closet in the hallway, the one that up until yesterday was occupied by Michael.  I also had completely run out of shoe storage and they had formed a revolution and were on the verge of attacking.

Since we’re having company this weekend, we decided that it was finally time to tackle the room. I started by emptying Michael’s closet while he was in the shower.  I’d just like to point out that perhaps I’m not the only one with a shoe problem. (And no, he doesn’t wear those awful white ones. There’s a whole story behind them.) (Also, heeellllo ugly office floor. We hate you! Die!)


This is what my old closet looked like. Notice the clothes jammed together and the overflowing baskets, which incidentally were so heavy they were pulling down the shelf.


Also notice how my shoes were sadly jammed on the floor of the closet. What you don’t see is the floor to the left, which was COVERED in shoes that had no home.


But now, here’s my new closet! (Please don’t judge my hangers…I need some new ones.) The space! Shelves of shoes!


Also, room for additional shoes in their original boxes…


And even more shoes on the door!


Look how happy they are to have a home, no longer exposed to the elements and dog hair and Michael’s frustration as he trips over them yet again.


Now let’s just hope I can keep it this way.

**Updated to add that Michael came up the stairs while I was taking pictures and asked why in the world I would do such a thing. I hung my head as I admitted that yes, I take pictures of my closet for my blog.