* This weekend was fantastic. I took Friday off and went on a wine tour and tasting. Five tastes and two purchased bottles later, we were off to downtown Newport for the afternoon. My big accomplishment for the afternoon was parallel parking on a busy street. I never parallel park. Ever. In fact, just last week my boss, coworker and I went out for ice cream. Since both of them have two car seats in their cars, they asked if I could drive. Sure, we could take my car, I said, but I’m not parking on the street. Nope, not gonna happen. So I let my boss drive my car! I think I’ve parallel parked three times since my road test. So it was a big deal that I did it, and did it well on the narrow streets of Newport.

* I also saw Superbad this weekend. Hilarious. Go see it. Now.

* And for a random weekend event, Jen and I went bowling. I haven’t been bowling since college and it was really fun. Especially since we took her eight year old brother who needed bumpers so we had to get them.

* I may have also watched High School Musicial 2. May have.

* Michael leaves today for a three day boy trip up to Lake George. I don’t care if it sounds lame, but I miss him already. It wasn’t as big of a deal when I went to Vegas because I was with my friends and was always doing stuff while he got to sit home and pine for me. Now I’m the one doing the pining! Yeah, I’ll survive. It’s only three days. But he took the dog with him too so I’m really home ALL ALONE. At night. When the monsters come out of the closets and the Boogie Man grabs your feet from under the bed.

Sometimes when I’m home alone I look around the room I’m in to see what heavy/sharp/blunt objects are within reach in case I have to confront an attacker. Does anyone else do this?