Here I am, at work, staring at my screen. My body is here, but my brain? I think it went on vacation. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s shoe shopping on Rodeo Drive. But my brain didn’t consult with me before leaving. It did not ask me if it could go, did not get approved vacation time. My brain? I might have to fire her.

Actually, I might get fired if I don’t buckle down and write the magazine piece that was due (cough) last week. Luckily, my editor is really awesome and pretty and super skinny and has great hair. So she won’t kill me.

I’m just having major writer’s block. Actually, the only thing I can seem to write is a blog post about having writer’s block.

My checked-out brain has caused other problems as well. Knowing I had to be on public access again this afternoon, I took my time choosing my outfit and doing my hair. Then I met up with my coworker and carpooled to work. It wasn’t until 20 minutes into the ride that I realized that my car? The one that’s supposed to drive me to the TV studio? Is waiting patiently for my return this evening. Yeah. I didn’t drive today. Luckily, my coworker is able to drive me to the taping. Jeesh.

It’s not that I didn’t sleep well. Surprisingly, I actually slept great. I miss Michael a ton, but I didn’t feel scared home alone last night. Not even when it started to thunder. Maybe it was because I kept the Maglite close by.

But brain or no brain, I have to write this story. Now. As in right now.

It’s going to be a long day…