Hey, remember that writer’s block? Yup, still here. So guess what you get? Shoes! Bad, mostly animal-themed shoes!

Ever been sitting in your house and a bird flies smack into the window? Ever go pick it up and think, gee, that would make a great shoe? Me neither, but someone did.


We once went to a rescue dog reunion and there are some crazy dog people there. People that like to spin yarn out of their dog’s hair and then knit it into scarves. I kid you not. Apparently, this is what cow farmers do to show their appreciation. Moo.


No wonder Dumbo couldn’t fly! Someone took his ears!


Medieval fashion at it’s finest. All that’s missing is your chastity belt.


Great for checking your lip gloss, and for inviting perverts to look up your skirt.


Sometimes when Kodiak gets excited a little something pops out, if you know what I’m saying. We call it the Red Rocket.


Snakes on a Plane! No…Snake on Your Foot Holy Hell Get It Off, Get It Off, Get It Off!


If they had potty training toilet paper, I imagine this is what it would look like. WIPE HERE.


I’m a maaaaniac, maaaaniac on the floor! And they put me away for buying a sock/legwarmer/high heel combo.


Version One

Version Two

Version Three

Version Four