I received an interesting email this morning from a reader in Turkey who could no longer access my blog. Apparently, the Turkish government has banned access to WordPress!

I am sad to lose a reader, especially a reader I didn’t even know I had. So today I’m reaching out to the readers I don’t know. The lurkers, the passerbyers, those who have never left a comment. Today I ask you to stop by and say HI!

I’ll leave you with this question, so you don’t feel like you’re doing that awkward thing where you see someone you know and wave like a crazy person, only to not have them see you. Oh you know you’ve done it. And pretending you were just fixing your hair does not hide it!

Question: What was your worst fashion mistake? (And regular readers, you do not get a pass! Answer up!)

Updated to add: I realized it wasn’t fair that I didn’t mention my worst fashion mistake. It was seventh grade. Baggy was in. So super skinny me thought I would look HOT in super baggy, flannel lined jeans with the cuffs rolled up so you could see the plaid, a baby doll tee and one of my mom’s button down shirts. (Hangs head in shame.)