Before I get in to anything, I’d just like to update you on the score. Currently we’re at Universe: 4, Molly: 0. My bra broke on the way home from work last night, causing the underwire to pop out and stab me in my boob while I was making a left turn.


We have a new car! (A GMC Envoy) Well, really Michael has a new car, but I get to drive it! It’s purrrdy and looks all fancy sitting in the driveway. It’s also the biggest vehicle I’ve ever driven and I’m terrified of parking it and backing it up. I don’t know how those soccer moms do it.


The reason for such a big vehicle is two fold: one, Michael is 6’4″. Most cars are too small for him to ride in comfortably for a long time. And two: we have dog. A big dog. A 130-pound shedding/drooling machine that needs more space than a traditional back seat can offer.

So SUV here we come. Much like the new car smell, eventually the excitement over the sun roof, the XM radio and the OnStar will fade away. But know what’s pretty cool? In a few years that SUV won’t be carting around just a dog. It will be carting around a baby. My baby. Our baby. And that makes me unbelievably happy.

I have a good feeling about this fall, people. A really good feeling.