I have a very wonderful aunt who reads my blog (Hi, Su-Su!). Recently, she mentioned to my mom that she was concerned I was divulging too much information in my posts. I understand she’s worried. She’s afraid some psycho is going to find me, tear me into little pieces and feed me to his pet iguana. (Actually, aren’t iguanas omnivores? I could totally be making this up.)

At first I kind of laughed it off. Me? I don’t divulge too much. Only my name, profession, boyfriend’s name, daily activities and my bra size.


So now I’m slightly concerned. The thing is, I like my blog. No, I LOVE my blog, and the last thing I want to do is censor myself. But am I putting myself at risk by not?

I’ve built such a strong community through my writing–through shared experiences and common ideas. I don’t want to hide from you the details of my someday wedding, the joys of getting pregnant and everything in between.Β I like what we have going here. But I’m slightly concerned.

I think if I changed the way I wrote and stopped telling you all these things it wouldn’t really be These Little Moments anymore, would it?

What do you think? Have I told too much?