* I saw a commercial on TV last night where a bunch of celebrities were supporting the Save Ellis Island campaign.  Who was one of those “celebrities”? Kristen Cavallari. I’m sorry, but has little Miss Laguna Beach ever been to Ellis Island? She says “I honor my family’s legacy, which was built on the courage and commitment of my ancestors to chase their dreams.” How? By posing for scantily clad pictures and doing reality TV?

* Jen and I played tennis last night for an hour or so. The team next to us was made up of a girl and a guy and they were whacking the ball back and forth pretty hard. All of the sudden, the girl stopped and yelled, “Ow! I pulled my boob!” I cracked up and told her I didn’t know that was possible. They left soon after, which was probably a good thing since I couldn’t keep a straight face.

* If anyone can tell me the correct lyrics to the Spin Doctor’s “Two Princes” (without cheating!) I’ll be really impressed. I’ve been singing along to the song for years, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t go “I’m the one that loves you baby, can’t you see/I ain’t got no future or symmetry.”

* Some of you might have noticed a comment by my boss yesterday regarding Twizzlers. Here’s the story: I went to CVS and asked him if he wanted anything. He wanted Twizzlers. When I got there, the big bags were buy one, get one free with your Xtra card. Two thoughts went through my mind: one, I don’t have my Xtra card with me and two, the last thing our somewhat weight conscious office needs is more candy. So I only bought one.

When I got back I was chastised for my poor decision making. My intelligence was questioned. My work loyalty was questioned. If I asked a question the response would be “I don’t know…you did only buy one bag of Twizzlers.” This has gone on for almost a week now.

So I ask you, was I wrong? My intentions were pure when I put down the second bag. I was thinking only of the health of my boss.

Majority rules here. If you think I was wrong I will buy him another bag. Hear that, Mike?