– Playing tennis. We’re getting better, I swear. Last night we didn’t interrupt anyone’s game with a stray ball. And I only hit two out of the court. OK, three.

– Taking an intro to spinning class. I was totally pumped when I peeked into the dark room, illuminated only by a black light with the music pumping. Now, I’m slightly intimidated, but I think it will be fun.

– Spending the afternoon with Michael. Weeee! Stupid work has him on at night, but at least we get the whole day.

– Reverting back to my childhood and having a good old-fashioned sleepover at Ashley’s new apartment. Of course, this childhood favorite will have a little update: booze. Probably in the form of pint glass mojitios.

– Making the What I Learned at College book for my sister. She better appreciate it!

What’s in store for your weekend?