* He goes grocery shopping with me. Which is on my I Hate To Do This list right up there with laundry. Also, he paid for the groceries, so my checking account is happy.

* He cleans my car. A lot. Mostly because I never do and I think it irritates him to see dirt and tree sap on it. Although, ever since he bought the new car, mine has seen less and less attention…

* He’s cozy. Oh so cozy. So cozy, in fact, that I miss spinning classes because being wrapped up in his arms is like a drug.

* I’m completely comfortable around him. Last night I was lying on the couch while he was in the bathroom shaving. I felt a little rumbling, so I let one go. It was lots of air and really loud. All of the sudden he stuck his head out of the bathroom and said, “I heard that fart fromย here. With the water running!” Hehehe.

* I want to have like,ย 10,000 of his babies. Well, more like two or three. But the fact that he’s so awesome with kids makes me so excited to be the mother of his children.

* He tells me he loves me every day and every night before we fall asleep. Nothing better than that in the world.