I’ve written in the past about how music triggers certain memories for me. While I was driving home yesterday I had the XM tuned to Channel 9: The 90s. I love this station because it’s all music from my middle school and high school days. Talk about memories!

As Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” finished (hey, BB, I thought of you!) the first lines of an all too familiar song began…

“So open up your morning light/and say a little prayer for I/You know that if we are to stay alive/and see the peace in every I”

Suddenly, I’m a sophomore in high school and we’re all wondering why Dawson won’t just open his eyes and see that Joey is right in front of him! And Pacey! You were always so cute, but Andie? Really? With her whiny voice and stick-out ears? Dawson’s Creek was a defining television show for me. The characters were supposed to be our age and they went through the same stuff we did.

So it got me thinking, what were my other defining TV shows?

Today’s Special:I must have been two or three but I remember this show so well. Today’s Special took place in a department store after-hours. There was a mannequin that came to life when you put a hat on his head and a talking mouse named Muffy. I think it was a Canadian show. (Peter, you remember it?) I could also probably still sing you the theme song…

My So-Called Life: First of all, I wanted to be Claire Danes. (I cut my hair to look like hers did in the Mod Squad movie back in 9th grade. Let’s just say it didn’t look the same.) What girl couldn’t related to her teenage angst, her struggles with her mother and her crush on the bad boy? Ooooh the bad boy. My one and only true television crush was on Jared Leto asย Jordan Catalano. As a matter of fact, he’s still on my list of celebrities I’m allowed to sleep with. But the Jared Leto from MSCL days, not the Jared Leto of today.

Clarissa Explains It All: OK, so I wanted to be Melissa Joan Hart too. Clarissa was funky and cool and there was a boy who climbed in her window every day and if that wasn’t the coolest thing ever, I didn’t know what was. There was one episode where she dressed up as a punk rock girl and said her name was Jade. I wanted my name to be Jade forever after seeing that.

Gilmore Girls: I think I’m seeing a trend here. I STILL want to be Lauren Graham. How hot is she? (Actually, I think she’s on Michael’s list.) But seriously, the witty banter, the small town charm, the fabulous clothes? What’s not to love. I’ve slowly started to buy the DVDs and own the first four seasons. Anyone want to fork over the $40 and buy me season five?

Friends: This one shouldn’t need too much explanation, because it’s just a great show. And since I can basically quote every episode, it’s fair to say that this will always be my favorite. I’ve mentioned before that no one will play the Friends Trivia Game with me (yes, I own it) because I always win. I challenge you!

So there you have it. What televisions shows define you?