First of all, thank you all for your advice yesterday. There’s nothing like free therapy and you all convinced me to give her awhile to change her attitude about things before I make any decisions.

 Moving on…a whole bunch of stuff in no particular order:

* My boss and I were talking about male bloggers. He said he hasn’t found one he can really relate to yet. “You know,” he said. “I haven’t found the one that makes me go squeeeeee!!!!”

I nearly shot the potato chip I was eating out of my nose. I think that would have hurt. A lot.

* Why was I eating a potato chip (or 20) at 10 a.m.? It’s all Peter’s fault. He told me it’s just like eating breakfast hashbrowns so it’s totally OK. Obviously I did not need much convincing.

* I’m taking a half day and heading home to NY today. My mom and dad are very excited and we all wanted to celebrate together. I can’t wait to show off the ring, do some wedding planning and bask in the family togetherness. The only downside is that my sister had to go be all educated and go to college so she won’t be there.

* Speaking of basking, I’m totally basking in the engagement glow. Actually, the other day Michael said I actually was glowing! We were curled up on the couch last night after looking at our first venue watching Cheaper by the Dozen. Don’t laugh, it’s cute. Suddenly, Michael decided he needed a treat so we hopped in the car for a late night drive to CVS. And you know how much I love evening car rides.

A bag of Skittles and five Gatorades later (they were on sale!), we were back on the couch in time for the end of the movie. It was somewhere between resting my head on him and fighting off his attempts to stick purple Skittles up my nose that I realized I get to be with him forever.

I think that’s worthy of a squeeeeee!

Happy Weekend!